Fresh, tasty food with a twist. Handmade from scratch. 

Kellohalli lunch mon-fri 10.30-14 week 18

Monday 1.5

No lunch served.

See you on Tuesday!

Tuesday 2.5

Butterchicken w/ basement rice (L, G) 9,90€

Nepalese bean stew w/ basement rice (vegan, G) 9,90€

Wednesday 3.5

Lamb kofta w/ barley (M, G, barley contains gluten) 9,90€

Turkish style pulled oat w/ barley (vegan) 9,90€

Thursday 4.5

CARVER MARKET 11,50 € First choose a base from three different salads. Next stop is to choose the meat from the carver (also vegetarian option). Finish the portion with delicious sauces and fresh toppings. And don't forget our freshly baked bread.

From the carver: Beef fillet / Whole roasted duck / Cajun spiced pulled oat

Salads: Asparagus bacon salad / Caesar salad / Roasted beetroot and spinach

Sauces: Basilica mayonnaise / Red pesto / Beetroot hummus

Friday 5.5

Street food Friday! 11,50€


Since we never spend anywhere more than 1 day, we do not see any reason to differ from that tradition today either! Spain is the place to be on Street food Friday! Spaniards strongly believe that lunch, almuerzo, is the main meal of the day, and every meal is always enjoyed with wine! For that reason alone, one could move to Spain permanently! The second reason would definitly be that the Spaniards believe in doing things on the principle, that if something can be left for tomorrow, it also will! Well, your right to enjoy Spanish food is not that something, that means Bienvenido to Kellohalli on your own schedule, because as well as Spaniards, we do not expect anyone to be on exact time, as long as you’ll come before 2pm!


Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the old slaughterhouse. Lunch is served Mon-Fri 10:30-14:00 

Kellohalli Keittiömestari

You can choose between easy and swift buffet alternative and a weekly changing vegan soup option (Mon-Wed). 

Fresh and rich salad selection is included in all lunches, as well as fresh house bread baked every morning and a cup of local coffee roasted in the same building.   

Kellohallin raikas salaattilounas

Kellohallin A la Carte Pihvi

Kellohallin Lounas Salaatti

Warmly welcome!