Fresh, tasty food with a twist. Handmade from scratch. 

Kellohalli lunch mon-fri 10.30-14  week 11

Monday 13.3 

Teriyaki chicken and jasmine rice (L, G) 9,90€

Blackroot soup w/ lemon and tofu (vegan, G) 11,90€

Tuesday 14.3

Sicilian braised lamb w/ mashed potatoes (L, G) 9,90€

Blackroot soup w/ lemon and tofu (vegan, G) 11,90€

Beef rending w/ cardamom herb rice (L, G) 9,90€

Blackroot soup w/ lemon and tofu (vegan, G) 11,90€

Thursday 16.3

CARVER MARKET 11,50 € First choose a base from three different salads. Next stop is to choose the meat from the carver (also vegetarian option). Finish the portion with delicious sauces and fresh toppings. And don't forget our freshly baked bread.

From the carver: House Porchetta / Sage-flavored turkey breast / Crispy vegetarian steaks

Salads: Tomato mozzarella salad / Potato salad / Sumac marinated red cabbage

Sauce: Yogurt sauce w/ sage / Romesco / Corn salsa

Friday 17.3

Street food Friday!  11,50€


Now it’s time to dive into the country that is known for its forever positive view of life and reggae – Jamaica! When you walk in Kellohalli and you will leave your coats in the cloakroom, please be sure to also leave the gray environment and snowy streets behind, and imagine for a moment that you are surrounded by palm trees and the sweet scent of rum! Jamaican cuisine has been influenced by the Indians, the Spaniards, Amerindians and of course Africans, but despite this, the locals have made those dishes look just like them! One love! One heart!


Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the old slaughterhouse. Lunch is served Mon-Fri 10:30-14:00 

Kellohalli Keittiömestari

You can choose between easy and swift buffet alternative and a weekly changing vegan soup option (Mon-Wed). 

Fresh and rich salad selection is included in all lunches, as well as fresh house bread baked every morning and a cup of local coffee roasted in the same building.   

Kellohallin raikas salaattilounas

Kellohallin A la Carte Pihvi

Kellohallin Lounas Salaatti

Warmly welcome!