Fresh, tasty food with a twist. Handmade from scratch.

Kellohalli lunch mon-fri 10.30-14 week 34

Monday 21.8

Cape Malay curry chicken w/ spicy rice (L, G) 10,90€

Cape Malay tofu w/ spicy rice (vegan, G) 10,90€

Tuesday 22.8

Crispy pork belly w/ sriracha noodles (L) 10,90€

Sriracha noodles w/ soy beans (vegan) 10,90€

Wednesday 23.8

Braised BBQ beef w/ roasted herby potatoes (M, G) 10,90€

Lentil stew w/ roasted herby potatoes (vegan, G) 10,90€

Thursday 24.8

CARVER MARKET 12,50 € First choose a base from three different salads. Next stop is to choose the meat from the carver (also vegetarian option). Finish the portion with delicious sauces and fresh toppings.And don't forget our freshly baked bread.

From the carver: Rosemary roast lamb / Sage marinated chicken breast / Vege patties

Salads: Greek salad / Caraway carrot & goat cheese cream / Cole slaw

Sauce: Mint yoghurt / Tapenade / Chili mayonnaise

Friday 25.8

Street food Friday! 12,50€


The land of strict table etiquette, Soju and Kimchi - here we come! Before we are ready to sit at the Korean table, we must go through few rules, so we won’t make total fools of ourselves. Politeness is very important in Korean culture and there is a lot of emphases placed on sharing meals and drinks. For example, before you eat, especially at someone’s home, it’s polite to say that you are looking forward to the meal. In Korean, people say Jalmukesumneda (I will eat well). Don’t start eating before oldest person lifts his spoon or chopsticks. Never blow your nose at the table, as it’s considered extremely rude. Always pour drinks for others first, especially for those senior to you and never ever refuse an alcoholic drink offered to you! I think we’re good to go! E osin geos-eul hwan-yeonghabnida!


Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the old slaughterhouse. Lunch is served Mon-Fri 10:30-14:00

Kellohalli Keittiömestari

You can choose between easy and swift buffet and a daily changing vegan option. 

Fresh and rich salad selection is included in all lunches, as well as fresh house bread baked every morning and a cup of local coffee roasted in the same building.   
During the evenings Kellohalli is transformed into an event space. We offer several options for food in your event: from finger food to seated dinners or outdoor barbeque.  Ask for an offer an we'll tailor the perfect evening for you!

Kellohallin raikas salaattilounas

Kellohallin A la Carte Pihvi

Kellohallin Lounas Salaatti

Warmly welcome!