Fresh, tasty food with a twist. Handmade from scratch.

Week 49, Kellohalli lunch mon-fri 10.30-14

Monday 5.12

Warm smoked salmon w/ potato puree & smoked aioli 9,90€ (G, L)

Rostaed eggplant soup w/ mushroom caviar & aioli 11,90€ (ve)

Tuesday 6.12 

We are celebrating Independence Day. The restaurant is closed! See you tomorrow!

Wednesday 7.12

Roasted pork fillet w/ chipotle dressing & rice 9,90€ (G, L)

Rostaed eggplant soup w/ mushroom caviar & aioli 11,90€ (ve)

Thursday 8.12


Salads: Greek salad / Thousand Island / Tzaziki

From the Carver: Rosemary marinated beef fillet / Roasted chicken breast / House made seitan

Sauces: Hummus / Thousand Island / Tzatziki

Friday 9.12

Street Food Friday!

This week we are traveling to Normandia!


Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the old slaughterhouse. Lunch is served Mon-Fri 10:30-14:00

Kellohalli Keittiömestari

You can choose between easy and swift buffet and a daily changing vegan option. 

Fresh and rich salad selection is included in all lunches, as well as fresh house bread baked every morning and a cup of local coffee roasted in the same building.   
During the evenings Kellohalli is transformed into an event space. We offer several options for food in your event: from finger food to seated dinners or outdoor barbeque.  Ask for an offer an we'll tailor the perfect evening for you!

Kellohallin raikas salaattilounas

Kellohallin A la Carte Pihvi

Kellohallin Lounas Salaatti

Warmly welcome!