teurastamo - the historical abattoir is a developing new home of small factories, restaurants and bars.

right now: summer in Teurastamo is full of events!

Join us for a fresh, handmade lunch or enjoy the urban city culture of Helsinki.

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The new chapter of Abattoir - the slaugterhouse built in 1933 began in autumn 2012 when first restaurants and shops opened for public. The yard surrounded by industrial buildings charmed the citizens and Teurastamo has become one central hub for different kinds of events. Part of the charm is the industrial nature of the area - it is foremost a place for small producers and surrounded by big wholesale area with lot of life from early morning.

The group of smal entrepreurs in the area, like coffee roastery, distillery, ice cream bar & factory and their personnel work to open up the area for citizens. Just outside of the area there is a big building project to expand Kalasatama area from 2000 inhabitants to 20 000 inhabitants.


Kellohalli is an event hotspot. From cocktailparties to big dinners, concerts, seminars and anything in between - you name it, we can make it happen. Surrounded by interesting small factories and bars with a closed garden-like yard, Kellohalli is a welcoming place with lots of possibilities!

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